The story behind the success of TERRA Chips is truly inspirational for any entrepreneur interested in bringing a new food product to market.

Here’s their story…

Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki both had great jobs working for a world-famous restaurateur. However, they know that they could make more money if they started their own company. After seeing the success of their peers in catering upscale parties, they decided to launch their own catering company – Dana Alexander.

Dana and Alex knew they needed a signature dish – something that would set their business apart from their competitors. They also wanted to make a great first impression with party-goers. Therefore, Dana and Alex decided to concentrate their efforts on the first place people go to at parties – the bar!

After trying all kinds of appetizer ideas, Dana and Alex experimented with chips made not from potatoes but from exotic vegetables. They cooked the first batch in Dana’s apartment and immediately liked them. And that is how the TERRA Chip product was born!

Interestingly enough, at the time, creating a new food product wasn’t necessarily top of mind. They just wanted to develop their catering business.

However, as they started developing their catering business, they started noticing that people wouldn’t even ask about their other dishes – they just wanted to know where they could buy their chips!

Catering customers suddenly wanted to buy their TERRA Chips in small batches, so they created packaging for their new chip product and started selling accordingly. The catalyst to their success, though, was when a representative from Saks Fifth Avenue discovered their amazing chips!

Saks immediately ordered 50 cases – at a time when Dana and Alex were only making 5 cases a day!

And from there, orders started flooding in from other high-end retailers. In fact, the company made $1 million in their first year! And within eight years, Dana and Alex sold the company to the food conglomerate The Hain Celestial Group for $25 million!

Is this a food product success story or what?!

So here is a question for you…Do you have a food product that you want to bring to market? Have you taken the necessary steps to succeed? If so, you could be the next million-dollar food product success story!