As you begin your path toward bringing your invention to market, you might become keenly aware of how many naysayers suddenly show up in your life. And when I say naysayers I mean people who don’t share your vision, don’t believe you can make things happen or let you know that for some reason or another you cannot actualize your invention dreams.

Naysayers can show up in your life as family members, a colleague, a manufacturer overseas, an industry ‘expert,’ etc. These are people who probably think they are providing you a value by giving you their input during your invention process, but from my experience they can also hurt your process significantly.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let’s review a few examples of naysayers:

Scenario #1: You tell your family members that you’re developing a new invention idea and they look at you like your crazy. They may even tell you that it is impossible to do because you are broke and should stick to your day job (you get the point).

Scenario #2: You go to an industry trade show and some ‘expert’ tells you not to pursue your dreams for whatever reason ie you are a small start-up, you don’t have enough money, people won’t like your product, etc.

Scenario #3: You start the invention process and begin chatting with a person who has sold their products to retailers before (a colleague) and they tell you that chain stores bankrupted them. And they advise you NOT to sell to them.

These scenarios are just some of the many ways that inventors get stumped and discouraged during the invention process and are the reasons why I felt compelled to write this article. It’s a common issue that people rarely talk about…

The truth is that naysayers don’t typically show up in your life with the intent of harming you in any way. In actuality, they are usually people who are just trying to help you. Many naysayers are people who probably have experiences in their own life and just want to provide you some value.

But here’s the problem…not all input is helpful input and not all advice is good advice. Just because someone has an experience in their own life doesn’t mean it will happen to you!

For example, maybe developing your invention somehow triggers negative emotions from your family members because it forces them to look at their own life. Are they taking action steps to make things happen for themselves? What if you are ready to take your life to the next level and they are not?!

And what about the industry ‘expert’ that tells you that nobody will buy your product…how do they really know? Are they psychic??

Here’s an interesting story that should put things into perspective…had an industry expert call me recently to tell me about how they were embarrassed by the advice they gave an inventor. Turns out an inventor approached them about a new product idea and the expert told them that nobody was going to buy it. The expert had years of experience and was convinced that this was a bad idea. The inventor pursued the product regardless and is now being picked up by huge retailers!

Now I know this expert personally. This is a wonderful human being and completely experienced in the invention business. But even they got it wrong! Do you get my point?? You never know unless you try!! And if that inventor had listened, they would have never actualized their invention dreams.

And finally, what about the colleague that tells you how horrible chain stores are to work with and that you should never sell to them. Just because this person had a bad experience, doesn’t mean that it will happen to you! There are plenty of success stories of people who make a wonderful living off of selling to chain stores!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you believe you should pursue your new invention dream then go for it. Don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back. What if they were wrong? Anyhow, you never know until you try. It’s OK to listen to opinions and choose what you believe is the right next step. Just as long as you thought it through and made the appropriate decision for your business. Only you know what is right for you.

To your success,

Karen Waksman

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