Home Depot Vendor

Would you like to become a Home Depot Vendor?

In this short training video, I will provide a quick tip and strategy that will help you become a Home Depot Vendor! Hope it helps!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman
Retail MBA

About the Author: Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is an Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC and New York Times Company go to retail expert on the subject of selling to retailers! Karen has sold millions of units of products to the world’s largest retailers and has taught 1000’s of product companies across the globe on the subject of selling to retailers at places such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show), US Patent Office, Stanford University, International Home and Housewares Show and so many other places. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need to become chain store vendors.

Home Depot Vendor


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