People always ask me how they can sell to chain stores when they don’t know how to sell. And my answer is always simple…there are plenty of people who have sold to chain stores that did not have a career in sales. They were just people who were passionate about their product and did the necessary work to succeed.

Let’s use Wei-Shin Lai (creator of SleepPhones) as an example. Wei-Shin and her husband developed a headphone that can be used comfortably while sleeping. It’s actually an awesome product! Take a look at their website: Wei-Shin is a doctor and created the SleepPhones product out of necessity. She was having trouble sleeping and wanted to use headphones to relax. But all of the headphones available in the stores today were really uncomfortable to sleep in. And that is how the SleepPhones product was born!

Here’s why I mention Wei-Shin. She believed in her product and wanted to get her product into chain stores. So she scoured the web to get information on how to do so and found me. Now, on a side note, this is not a shameless plug of my book…truly. I’m just trying to make a point here (whether it’s getting help from me or someone else is truly irrelevant) just get support from somewhere!

And that’s what she did. She read my book and contacted me with specific question about her product. And then she was off to go and make things happen. Now I should mention that Wei-Shin hired a Manufacturers Rep to help her initially. But as time progressed, she realized that she needed to step things up on her own in order to generate additional revenue as well.

By the way, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from people. They create a product and then they start working with a Manufacturers Rep and then they wait. And it’s torture! Because all they want to do is quit their full time job and make a living out of their brilliant product idea. But they can’t until the Manufacturers Rep pulls through. But what if the Manufactures Rep doesn’t make anything happen? Well, that is the entire premise as to why I do what I do. Give people options so that they can empower themselves to take life on!

Anyhow, here’s what happened with Wei-Shin. As of recently, she surpassed her Manufacturers Rep by getting an order and major interest from several big chain stores within a matter of months. Now I’m not saying this is typical, but it happened because a non-sales person took action and wouldn’t give up! Why can she do it and not you?

She didn’t hustle anyone. She just understood that it is possible to sell to chain stores without being a sales person. She realized that retail buyers don’t need to like you personally or be sold by you. Buyers truly just care about finding great products and generating revenue for their stores.

Additionally, Wei-Shin actually took the time to develop quality packaging and marketing material prior to approaching these retail buyers. Something most people do not do. So she took the time to set herself up for success and then approached chain store buyers when she was ready. She did the necessary research, contacted the appropriate chain store buyer and committed to not giving up. Yeah!

So, how can a non-sales person sell to chain stores? Take the time to develop your marketing message and your packaging. And get support from someone in the business that can help you walk you through the necessary steps to succeed. And always be on the lookout for a good Manufacturer’s Rep. Any way to generate revenue for your product is the right way to go. Bottom line – be tenacious and committed. That is how Wei-Shin did it and so can you!

To your success,

Karen Waksman

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