Do you have a product that is perfect for Amazon?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a product into their stores? If so, you will love this short training segment on how to sell your product to Amazon!

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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer such as Amazon. Hope it helps! 🙂

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Can I Become an Amazon Seller and Sell to Big Box Retail Stores at the Same Time?

Today, we’re going to be covering the top ten tips for getting your products into major retailers.

The questions people always ask me in my workshops and classes is – “Karen I sell on today, so my products are there, but now I want to go after the big-box stores. Is that a problem where the buyers can be really upset about that? Do I have to take the stuff off of amazon? Because I’m making money there and so what do you recommend? what about the buyers? Is that really going to be an issue?”

That’s a really legitimate question because if you’re small or mid-size company, and you’re trying grow your business and you try to make money wherever you can and so it makes a lot of sense that people are really worried about that. The bottom line is that obviously the retail buyer would love for you to only sell at their store and that’s it. But that’s not the reality of the world. I mean they understand that you have to make a living.

At the end of the day it’s totally okay for you to sell on Amazon unless the buyers say otherwise, but the key here is that if you are going to sell on Amazon you definitely need to make sure that you’re not competing with these buyers and these retailers on price. If you’re going to sell to Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond or whatever type of product that you have for their retailer, make sure that the price is more competitive for the retailers than it is on Amazon because you don’t want to compete with these buyers on Amazon versus the stores. You want to give the retailers that advantage. Essentially, as long as you’re not competing on price and as long as when the person’s doing a search online and there’s not a better price than what’s in the retail stores, you’ll be okay.

If I can give you any advice, obviously there’s always exceptions to the rules or some buyers get upset but overall they talk to you about it and then you can determine accordingly. Most of the time they understand it as what it is, but as long as when somebody is looking for product online, you’re not competing otherwise.

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