One-On-One Personal Coaching

If you would prefer to work with me (Karen Waksman) on an individual basis, then feel free to email me today for any additional support! I can help you with any of the following:

1) Sales / Distribution Planning and Consulting
2) Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions about Selling Your Products to Retailers
3) Packaging Review
4) Feedback on How to Prepare Your Product for Chain Store Success
5) Questions on How to Approach Buyers For Your Specific Product Type
6) Developing Your Pitch
6) How to Work Around Buyer Rejection
7) Other Strategies to Generate Revenue With Your Product Besides Selling to Retail

We can meet for an hour or develop a full program. Whatever fits your needs! I have some students who just need to make sure they have their questions answered quickly and I have other students that want additional hand-holding while they go after retailers.

To discuss further, please send an email to karen (at) retailmba (.) com