People always ask me how to sell products to chain stores. But they rarely ask me what the expectations are of a buyer. Always fascinates me because that is all I think about when trying to sell any product. As a sales person, I know that if I don’t understand who my buyer is, I will never make any money. So I ALWAYS start any sales process by understanding who my purchasing audience is and what they need from me in order to buy.

This is what made me realize that I need to create a series of articles based on chain store buyer’s expectations. I truly believe that if you start thinking like a buyer and understand what matters to them, you might actually start generating revenue with your products today! Why? Because if you don’t provide a buyer what they want, they will not buy from you! It’s as simple as that!

The fundamental reason that most inventors fail is that they do not focus on the buyer’s needs, but rather focus on their own creativity and interests. You have no idea how many times I’ve watched inventors not do anything with their products simply because they didn’t think about the buyer’s point of view. They created products or packaging based on their own interests…what they thought was cool. But the inventor didn’t think about the types of limitations a buyer has to deal with. Inventors typically don’t think about limited shelf space, visual appeal, market support and all of the other things that really make a difference to a buyer.

And the problem that most inventors face is that they’ve never sold products to chain store buyers before, so why would they know what matters to them? The truth is that I was in the same position as many of you when I first got started. No one shared this information with me and it took me forever to figure it out!

Anyhow, this is the stuff that is fundamental to your success and is the reason why I will continue to write articles about this topic and why I always include it in all of my programs. My ultimate goal is to help you win.

So keep on the lookout for more information about the expectations of a chain store buyer.

To your success,

Karen Waksman

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