If you’ve ever wondered how to fund your invention by getting help from the government, then you probably want to read the information I received from Matthew Lesko!

Matthew Lesko is awesome!! Maybe you remember him? He was on all of those late night commercials about How to Get Free Money From the Government. Anyhow, I met him randomly at a trade show and I really appreciated how sincere he was about helping people get access to funds from the government for free. During our conversation, I asked him if he had any info I could give out to Inventors about getting funding for their new invention. And the good news is that he did!

So the following is the information he sent me about getting funding for your inventions…hope it helps!

“Their are experts that are paid by the government that can help you with your invention. Here are some resources to help you get started:

1) Watch This Video To See How Free Experts Help Inventors With Their Ideas:


2) Contact Your Local Small Business Development Center Network And Make An Appointment with a Local Free Expert:

Click Here to find a Small Business Development Center in your area

3) Watch This Video For A Better Understanding of Why Government Wants To Help Inventors:


4) Watch This Free Video From an Inventor Assistance Center:

It will give you an overview of the process. Go to http://www.mssbdc.org/DocumentMaster.aspx?doc=1004. Look for this link about half way down the page

5) Check Out Inventor Assistance Organizations:

A study by Georgia Tech University identifier 31 non-profit organizations that provide free and low cost help to inventors ( “2007 Case Study Review of Inventor Assistance Organizations”, by Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute) If your local Small Business Development Center does not provide all you need you may want to consider joining one of the low cost self help inventor groups.

This is the study. Yes it’s old, but starting from page 31, you can review some of the different programs in different states. A good place to start.


6) Review Uncle Sam’s Largest Source Of Funds For Inventors:

They are called Small Business Innovative Research Grants and the process is quite complicated because it is big money. The organizations above should be able to tell you more about these after they get a better understanding of your current position. You can look at this document is you want to get a little more involved in the process at this point.

Be sure to check out the section in the Government Money Club for more sources for your invention.

7) Get Market Research and New Product Assessment:

This center is part of the University of Wisconsin and they provide these services at a reasonable cost

Wisconsin Innovation Services Center
1200 Hyland Hall
University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Whitewater, WI 53190

This center is part of the University of Wisconsin and they provide these services for a very reasonable cost.

WIN Innovation Center
Innovation Institute
852 Highway MN
Everton, MO 65646

Started in 1979 and their research partners are at the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University. Their Preliminary Innovation Evaluation Service is for inventors and people with new product ideas. It cost $200 for US clients.

We have a video explaining them at http://myamericanbenefitsplan.com/business_incubators_increase_your_success.php.

8. Find Local Incubators:

You can locate incubators near you at http://www.nbia.org/links_to_member_incubators/index.php

9) Be very careful if you are considering an invention company:

Find Out What the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) say about the invention company you are considering.

This link searches the FTC website for news on Invention Promotion Companies.

If you have trouble with any of these sources contact us right away so we can help. Or if these sources do not give you what you need, again, contact us and we will continue to help until you find what you need. We live in a great society where there are plenty of organizations and individuals that are there to help. But the people who do know make money off of helping you do not advertise so you have to do the work to find them. -Matthew Lesko”

Please note that I have no affiliation with Matthew Lesko. I just think he’s a nice guy with great resources. Also, if there are resources that are missing from this list, please include in the comment section! Let’s help one another succeed!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman