If you’ve ever tried to get a distributor to represent your product, then you know how frustrating it can be. They don’t return your calls or you can never find the right contact person, etc.

And although I typically try and avoid working with distributors when selling to retailers, sometimes it’s a must! If a buyer tells me that I have to work with a distributor for instance, then I usually comply and find a distributor. What can I do? If I want to sell to that retailer then I have to follow protocol.

So how do I get a distributor to represent me? Well, I’ve actually outlined one of my favorite tricks in the audio recording below. It’s short and to the point and gives you advice that you can utilize today with your own product!

Just click on the following link to listen to the audio:

Getting a Distributor to Represent You

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

P.S. If you’d like this information and would like to learn more about working with distributors and getting your products into retailers, then you might like the Retail MBA Program that we have developed on the subject.