Ever wonder how to use publicity to generate more revenue for your product business? Are you curious about strategy’s that can can help you win more media coverage? If so, check out the interview I just recorded with PR industry expert Todd Brabender!

Todd is an absolute superstar when it comes to generating publicity for unique products and services. He’s been in the industry for years! I asked Todd for an interview because I was really curious about publicity myself. I really wanted to know….

1) How publicity can help inventors and product entrepreneurs generate more revenue
2) Is PR just for big company’s or can small start-up’s benefit as well?
3) What are some best practices for using publicity for products?
4) If an entrepreneur is tight on cash and can’t afford to hire a publicist, what can they do to help their business today?

The interview was really interesting and helpful. Click Here to check it out!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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