People are funny. They hear stories of how ordinary people make millions of dollars from their simple product ideas and then chock it up to being ‘lucky’ or ‘being at the right place at the right time.’ But the truth is, luck is only part of it. From my experience, the people who’ve succeeded all seem to have something in common—they took action! They had an idea, created it in some way, and then took the necessary steps to let other people know about what their up to. Sure, luck helped, but they couldn’t have been lucky if they hadn’t taken the basic steps to get started.

And I can say this, because I’ve seen it first hand in my classes and workshops. Entrepreneurs and inventors come to my workshops, read my materials, all with the hope of figuring out how to get their products on the shelves of retailers. And I love that about the people I work with, because I am the same way. I am always trying to seek information and trying to improve my life.

But here’s what I’ve noticed and the main reason I’ve decided to write these Business Success Columns. Most people (and I do this as well) take the information, ponder it, yet never actually take the necessary steps to truly succeed. Not everybody is this way, but from what I’ve noticed, the majority. And it’s usually because life gets in the way. Problems come up; people get disheartened because things don’t go their way, etc. And then they stop. And nothing happens.

Well, I can’t control what happens in your life, but what I can do, is provide you a little inspiration. And when I say inspiration, I mean sharing stories with you about how ordinary people produced extraordinary results through their simple product ideas. You see, I believe that if you read these stories, you will notice that the people who made millions of dollars from their product ideas, took action and didn’t give up when life got in their way. They did the work and continued until they found success.

And anyhow, I also think it would be fun to just read about how everyday products people use actually came to fruition.

So stay tuned… and I look forward to sharing stories with you of how ordinary people produce extraordinary results through their simple product ideas.

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman