Do you have a product that is perfect for Groupon?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a product into their stores? If so, you will love this short training segment on how to sell your product to Groupon!

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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer such as Groupon. Hope it helps! 🙂

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Transcript of This Training…


How to Sell on Groupon and Become a Groupon Merchant

Today I want to talk about a question that comes up all of the time in my workshops and classes. People always ask me “How do I get my products in a Groupon? I see that they have this Groupon goods website, and I’d really like to sell my products to them. Do you have any tips or quick tips and strategies on how to get your products to Groupon?”.

Let’s talk about Groupon. There was a time that they only sold services on their website. They sold stuff like massages, pedicures and all that. They actually sell physical products too.

If you have a great product and you’d like to get the word out to a mass audience, Groupon could be very exciting for you. When you go to their website and people are signing up, they’re looking for great deals, Groupon essentially gets their email addresses and then sends them special deals based on their desired product type. Basically, Groupon is a massive database of emails of people who want to buy physical products, And that’s a great opportunity for you in order to work with them.

First of all, they prioritize knowing more about you, because they always have new products to put on their site.

They’re Really Looking For You

Number one, that’s really important that you know, they’re really looking for you.

They Have Different Buyers for Different Products

Second thing is, Groupon is very similar to retailers in that they have buyers who buy products for individual categories. That’s something to consider. It’s a houseware buyer, a buyer for all sorts of different things. They actually have buyer to buy for things. Whether or not you know how to actually approach them or picture them as another story but there are some stuff that you got to learn a little bit but essentially there is a buyer for every type of product they sell on their website. You definitely want to reach out to the appropriate buyer about your product.

They’re Looking For Impulse Buys

The other thing to consider is they’re looking for impulse buy, things that people will buy quickly online, something that it’s kind of a no brainer, they are looking for deep discounts of products. It might not be great for you if you have a physical product, and you’re just getting started, and this is kind of your debut because it’s going to be significantly cheaper than what you would sell on your website or anywhere else because Groupons only looking for these great deals. But when is Groupon appropriate? Well, it could be great if you have a physical product, and you have maybe a discontinued product you could sell your product to Groupon. Maybe some old version that you don’t sell anymore could be a great thing that you can get rid of your quantities, get rid of your volume and so forth.

It’s Great For the Holidays

Another reason to use Groupon is for the holidays or something like that. I have one client who sells thousands and thousands of units every holiday season for the Groupon because why not? Because it is a great way for her to generate additional revenue, and she does really good at it. And so I have so many clients who get their product in Groupons. That’s something to consider, it’s great for the holidays, or it’s great for like flash sale thing, or discontinued products, or maybe you do have some extra products on hand that are branded rights, so they are really well known branded products and so. If you have that type of product, you know they are obviously looking for really well known brands to add a deep discount. That’s a thing to consider about Groupon goods.

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