Most product entrepreneurs tend to focus their efforts on selling their products to retailers. And it makes sense. Retailers buy products. However, if you took a little more time to think about new distribution strategies for your product, then you might actually realize that there are even bigger revenue opportunities available to you that do not only include selling to retail.

Let me give you an example.

Last night I taught a Product For Profit workshop and one of my ‘students’ came up to me afterward and was telling me about his product. This person had a specialized chocolate company with a unique twist. And he was explaining to me that he wanted to take his innovative products to chain stores. As we were chatting, he also mentioned to me that he recently approached an airline to see if they would be interested in purchasing his chocolates for their passengers as well. He thought it could be a great gift item or an interesting menu option. And guess what?! His random idea paid off! This airline is actually interested in his product and they are now in discussions about purchasing his product!

Now here’s why I bring this up and why I absolutely love this story…

This product entrepreneur utilized his creative mind and came up with a truly unique way of generating revenue with his product. And it wasn’t because he focused solely on retail. And now, because of his ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, he might actually get a huge product deal with this airline!

And here’s an even bigger reason why I love this story…he chose a company to sell to that can buy in mass (just like chain stores) and has significantly less product entrepreneurs vying for purchasing opportunity’s as well. In other words, most product entrepreneurs don’t think about selling to airlines! Yes, company’s such as airlines don’t purchase as many products as retailers, but they can at least buy in mass.

And I guess that is my point in writing this article. There are so many other ways to generate revenue with your products that don’t include selling to retailers. Now don’t get me wrong, getting one deal from a mass retailer can make your financial dreams come true, but going after new innovative opportunities at the same time can double your opportunities and can seriously enhance your bottom line. So why not do both?!

What are some of the criteria’s to look for when finding new distribution strategies for your products? Well, here are a few to think about…

1) Find a company that can buy your product in mass
2) Find a company that would purchase your product because it provides a value to their existing customer base.

For instance, if you had a bath product line, why not approach large hotel chains? They are always looking for new ways to intrigue their customers that stay in their hotel rooms!

Or what if you had an interesting gift item? Why not contact an HR Department at a large company that might want to give a cool gift to their employees at their next retreat?

There are so many cool options in regards to sales distribution strategies that most product entrepreneurs don’t even think about. So take the time to think outside the box! It can benefit your product business tremendously.

To your success,

Karen Waksman

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