Packaging Your Product For Retail Made Easy!

5 Part DVD Video/Webinar Series

Packaging Your Product for Retail Made Easy is a 5 Part Video/Webinar Series created to help product entrepreneurs learn all of the essential steps on how to get started with packaging.

Packaging can make or break a retail buyer’s decision as to whether they decide to purchase your product or not. The truth is that you can have the best product in the world, but if your packaging is not on point, then a buyer will not buy from you!

Why? Because when a person walks into a store, they are not looking at your fabulous product, they are looking at your fabulous product in its packaging! That is why I always tell people to spend more time, money and effort on packaging!! It will help you make more money!

And the main reason I decided to create ‘Packaging Your Product For Retail Made Easy’ was because I knew that my students continually got stuck on packaging. Packaging was always this frustrating process that made no sense to them.

My students weren’t sure whether they were packaging their product right or even how to get started. And I knew that my students could never win if they didn’t get their packaging right. I kept thinking, what was the point in teaching people how to get products into stores if they had no chance of selling to retailers in the first place??

So I enlisted packaging expert, Fred Schechter, to help develop a program that would give people all of the answers to their packaging questions. I knew that Fred was the perfect guy for the job. He is a highly respected retail packaging expert and is also one of the nicest, most honest and probably one of the most knowledgeable packaging experts that I have ever met! He is also an inventor himself and understands how challenging packaging can be on a tight budget!!

It took us almost 6 months to come up with the right blend of information for this video/webinar series. We wanted to include as much detailed information as possible. Here’s some of the information we included in this packaging video/webinar series:

1. Things to think about when getting started with retail packaging

2. What buyer’s care about and what will make them more inclined to buy

3. What the different types of packaging styles are that you need to know about

4. How to choose which type of packaging is right for your particular product type

5. What packaging experts do when they get started with packaging

6. Choosing the right size, shape and colors to help you win

7. How to design packaging yourself

8. What tools you need to get started

9. How to find the right packaging expert to help you develop packaging

10. Cost effective ways to develop packaging

11. How much should packaging a product cost and much, much more!!

To get a taste of how helpful ‘Packaging Your Product For Retail Made Easy’ will be for you, I’ve decided to include the first video here for FREE! Why? Because that’s how much I believe in the information we’ve provided!!! My hope is that you understand how valuable this information will be to your success and you will either buy our information or tell your friends about us!

So as promised…here’s the first video for FREE!

To get access to the entire 5 Part Video Series, please click on the link below to purchase. You will be able to download these videos immediately after purchase for your convenience!

Cost is $47.

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman