How to Get Your Products on the Shelves of Major Retailers, Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, Too!

Absolutely No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required!

By: Karen Waksman

This Step-By-Step Guide and Webinar will teach you:

Everything you ever wanted to know about getting your products on the shelves of Major Retailers, Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, too! Learn:

  • How To Prepare Your Products For Retail Success
  • How Buying Decisions Are Made
  • Exactly How To Approach Retailers And What To Say To Get Them To Buy
  • What To Do When A Buyer Says ‘No’ To Your Product
  • All of the Tips, Tricks and Strategies That Manufacturer’s Reps Use To Get Into Stores
  • What You Need To Know Once You Get An Order From A Major Retailer
  • How To Sell Your Products To Online Retailers, Catalogs and Small Retailers, Too!

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The Story Behind The Story And How It Can Help You!

Do you have a Product, Invention or Craft that you think would be perfect for Major Retailers, but have absolutely no clue as to how to make this happen?

Product For Profit can help!

Product For Profit is a Step-By-Step Guide that will teach you everything ever wanted to know about getting your products on the shelves of Major Retailers.

If you have a great product and a conviction to succeed, then my guide will show you EXACTLY how to get your Products on the shelves of Major Retailers TODAY!

Hello. My name is Karen Waksman and I am a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speak and Consultant. I have sold products to retailers for years. And what I realized quickly after I started in this business is that selling to retailers is easier than most people think.

Why? Buyers across all categories work off of the same principles and standards. They are in the business of buying! If you have a product that you believe should be in stores, Buyer’s need to know about it. It’s their job!

The only challenge most people have is figuring out HOW to get the Buyer’s attention. And if they get the Buyer’s attention, HOW do they get the Buyer to actually buy?!

Which is why I decided to write a Step-By-Step Guide outlining everything a person needs to know about selling to Major Retailers.

And I wrote this guide with the intention of empowering anyone with a conviction to succeed (and a cool product idea) to actualize their dreams by selling their products to the World’s Largest Retailers.

You see, I’ve been selling products to retailers for years, and I know something that most people don’t…

I know for a fact that you do not need sales experience to sell to Major Retailers. And I also know that you do NOT need Buyer relationships to get your products on the shelves of these retailers.

I know this because of my extensive experience working with Buyers. Buyers do not care about sales strategies. They care about buying the ‘right’ product. And most people don’t realize that there are simple ways to position your product as the ‘right’ product.

I also know that you do not need existing buyer relationships to sell to retailers. I know this because I have been using the same strategies for years and I continue to sell products to retailers in categories that I have never sold before.

You have to understand, when I started in this business, I was just like you. I had no buyer relationships to speak of and had no clue as to how to get my products on the shelves of Major Retailers. But I had a conviction to succeed and a true desire to figure out how to get Buyers to buy from me.

And I wish I could say that it was easy to get my products on the shelves of Major Retailers when I first started. But it wasn’t easy at all. Actually, everything I tried while attempting to sell my products to Major Retailers had the opposite effect. Buyers actually REFUSED to buy from me and I could not figure out why!

It turns out; Buyers wanted to be approached in a very specific way. And they wanted my products to be prepared in a very particular way as well. So after years of trying every possible approach to sell my products to Major Retailers, one of my strategies finally worked!
And once I figured out what Buyers cared about and how to ultimately get them to buy from me, my business took off. And I’m proud to say that I’ve sold millions of units to Major Retailers over the last decade and now teach other people how to do what I do.

So, I’m a true believer that anyone can get their products on the shelves of the World’s Largest Retailers.

If I can sell products to Major Retailers, than so can you!

The only difference is that now you don’t have to spend precious time figuring out the best way to sell your products to Major Retailers.

All you have to do is follow the simple formula that I’ve outlined in my Step-By-Step Guide and you will see for yourself that getting your products into Major Retailers is absolutely possible for ANYONE!

But Can Ordinary People Really Get Their Simple Products Into Major Retail Chains and Make Millions? Check out these Big Retail Chain Success Stories…

#1, Every kid wanted one! A husband and wife in Pennsylvania created a simple toy from parts found at the hardware store. 250 MILLION Sold through worldwide retail chain stores! Can you guess what this product is? It’s the Slinky! Richard James, a naval engineer, created the Slinky by chance, and with the help of his wife, sold their first Slinky Toy Product at a Department Store. The Slinky was a huge hit and this husband and wife team made millions!

#2, Bear Naked: The product name for a very yummy granola. Two buddies mixed up the secret recipe on a kitchen stove. Today, you’ll find it on the shelves of 10,000 retail stores! Brendan Synnott and Kelly Flatley were working regular jobs but had a passion for their product. So they invested their time and effort into selling their products to retailers. At first they started small, but then expanded to large chain stores. And now they are making millions with their product idea!

#3, Boogie Wipes: A group of moms found a simple solution to their kid’s runny noses. Now, the mom’s are enjoying the smell of sweet success. Boogie Wipes are available in 40,000 retail stores nationwide! Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens developed saline nose wipes called Boogie Wipes® in 2007 as a solution for their kids’ runny, rough, red noses. Their first Major Retail account was Fred Meyer’s and now they are making millions!

#4, Gotta Wuvit: A stay-at-home mom turns a fabulous product idea into a multi-million dollar business. Kim Levine created her Wuvit product with a sewing machine at home! Her major break came from selling her Wuvit products to Saks Department Stores on a national level. Now she sells millions of units to Major Retailers!

These are just a few examples of how ordinary people make millions selling to Major Retailers. Will your product be the next great story? It’s up to you! Learn as much as you can about selling to Major Retailers and you will be one step ahead of everyone else!

So How Can This Information Help You?

If you fall into any one of these categories, then my Step-By-Step Guide can help you!

#1, I don’t have a product idea?!

There are still plenty of avenues open to you. You could license a product, you could import a product, you could partner with someone who has a product and is having trouble getting the attention of buyers. My book and bonuses will give you more ideas!

#2, I’ve given birth to a brilliant idea—now what?

Even if your product is still an idea or you are currently developing your product, my information will steer you away from the pitfalls and traps. Knowing what buyers want is a big advantage. You need this information NOW as you develop your product and you will need it when you are ready to talk to buyers!

#3, I’ve created a product, but I have no idea if it is ready for Major Retailers!

Find out exactly what you need to do to prepare your product for Major Retail Success. Learn what it takes to get your products into Major Retailers. Understand what Buyers pay attention to and what makes them more inclined to buy. Learn the basics of how to manufacture your product, how to package you product, what to do if you have a handcrafted product and much more!

#4, I have a finished product ready for retail. But, why can’t I get the attention of buyers at retail chain stores?

You know your product will sell like crazy if you can just get the big retail chains to buy. So you call the chains and leave voicemails. You get no response. You mail them everything you have—still no reply. Not one reply. This is typical of what happens to almost everyone that doesn’t know the “secret knock.”

Through sheer determination some people eventually break into the big chain stores. Those that make it often say it took them 2 to 3 years. And then there are those that quietly give up. They simply keep plodding their way to work and back every day. Thanks to my step-by-step guide, you won’t have to put yourself through this frustration!

#5, I have a product, but I don’t JUST want to sell my products to the big chain stores. I also want to sell my products to small retailers, online retailers and catalogues too!

The beauty of my Step-By-Step Guide is that you can utilize my strategies to sell to small retailers, online retailers and catalogues as well! I will show you how to get access to the names of the decision makers as well as what to say to them to get them to buy! This is perfect for those of you who have handcrafted products or if you just want to make as much money as possible through every retail avenue!

What Will You Learn From This Step-By-Step Guide?

You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about getting your products on the shelves of Major Retailers. You will learn:

  • The *sure-fire* secret to getting a Chain Store Buyer to buy from you now
  • How to quickly avoid the #1 mistake people make that causes them months or years to get their product into stores
  • A step-by-step explanation of how I to continue to sell millions of units to every Chain Store Retailer without any existing Buyer relationships
  • The “right” way to interact with buyers so that they buy your product
  • *Proven* methods for getting access to buyers names without having to pay top dollar for lists
  • The quickest and BEST strategy to generate $$$ in products sales…
  • How to quickly and easily overcome a Buyer’s objection and how to get them to reconsider your product
  • How to structure your conversations with Buyers so it creates not only sales, but “residual income” for months and years well into the future
  • The 3 essential components that a Buyer looks for when reviewing new products
  • What Buyers care about and what makes them buy
  • How Major Chain Store Retailers operate and what you need to know once you get your first order

This Information Is Priceless…

If you have ever attempted to research information about selling products to Major Retailers, you will notice that the people who make a living off of selling to big chain stores NEVER share their expertise! It is so frustrating!

And I know this for a fact because I have been researching how to sell to Major Retailers for years and have never found any specific information on the topic at hand. So this is your chance to finally take action today!!

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Bonus Gift #1

Contact Information for the Top 350 Major Retailers!

My Personal Big Retail Chain Store Database!

This will help you with that extra push you need in order to launch quickly! You will find basic contact information on the top 350 Major Retailers. This bonus alone will save you hours and hours of your precious time. All of my customers tell me how valuable this information is for them and how this one bonus alone helped them get their products on shelves of Major Retailers immediately!

Bonus Gift #2

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions on How to Actually Create Your Product Idea!

In-Depth Interview With Manufacturing Expert Ashton Udall!

This free audio download will get you started! You have a product idea, now what? Learn how to find a Manufacturer and what you should look for when seeking a Manufacturer. Also, find out what pitfalls you should avoid when working with Manufacturer! This interview gives you practical advice and key information on how to get started today!

Bonus Gift #3

5 Easy Steps to Get Started Packaging Your Products Today!

Packaging Expert JoAnn Hines (also known as Packaging Diva) Shares Her Insights on How to Get Started Packaging Your Products Today!

Learn key steps on how to start packaging your product the right way from industry expert JoAnn Hines. JoAnn has been in the Packaging Industry for more than 30 years! She is incredibly insightful and provides valuable information for people like you interested in getting their products on the shelves of Major Retailers. Packaging is essential to your success with retailers, so why not learn how to get started from an industry expert?

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