We have two exciting LIVE AND FREE Retail MBA training events coming up on the subject of selling to retailers! Please join us!


The first is on Thursday, April 10th from 2pm EST – 3pm EST! This event is FREE and will be sponsored by High Jump Software!

During this Selling to Retailers training, Karen Waksman will be discussing:

  • How the buying process works at major retailers
  • What retail store buyers expect from you
  • How to get a buyer’s contact information
  • Why being EDI capable is significant and what it means for you
  • What makes a buyer more inclined to buy

CLICK HERE to sign up for this event sponsored by High Jump Software.

The second event is on Wednesday April 16th. This is a week long business telesummit called the Real Deal Forum, but Karen Waksman’s particular Q&A discussion on Selling to Retailers will be live on the 16th!

The following questions will be answered at the Real Deal Forum…

1) Why Today is the Best Time Ever to Get Your New Product into a Big Box Retailer
2) What You Absolutely Need to Know Before Approaching Retail Buyers?
3) Why Ordinary Sales Skills Are Useless When It Comes to Selling to Chain Stores
4) How Do You Get a Retail Buyer’s Name and Contact Information?
5) What’s a Strategy You Can Implement Today to Get a Meeting with a Retail Buyer?
6) #1 Mistake to Avoid When Trying to Pitch Your New Products to Chain Stores
7) How Do You Know If Your Product Is Ready For Mass Distribution?
8) How Can Packaging Make or Break a Chain Store Buyer’s Decision?
9) What is the #1 Thing Buyers Care About in Retail?

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Real Deal Forum!

Looking forward to connecting with all of you :-).

Karen Waksman

Retail MBA