Most people never consider the option of selling to airport stores. And I’m always fascinated by this because they can be an awesome distribution channel for your product business!

Think about it…airports span the globe. Busy travelers typically have extra time to spend shopping at airports while they wait for their next flight. And statistics show that an airport customer has an annual income that is well above average standards. So not only will your product be able to be purchased in mass, but you can have a clientele that has money to spend! Yay!

One way to sell your product at airports is to directly contact the retail buyer (as outlined in my guides). They are very similar to any other chain store retailers that you would sell to. They have buyers who purchase products for their stores and you need to contact them accordingly.

And for those of you who are concerned with initial quantities purchased, have no fear! Airport buyers typically test out your product first in their busiest airports to ensure that your product does well. Once they make sure that your product sells, they will expand to their other stores. This will give you some time to get your long-term financial situation in order.

Another option that people don’t consider about selling products at airports is to open an actual Kiosk at a high traffic airport! This does take an investment, but if you have a product or invention that makes sense for Kiosks, then you might want to explore this option. It’s like opening up a tiny retail store at an airport, and if it’s the right product, it can be focused on one product type. Interesting! The great thing about Kiosks at airports is that you have a never ending flow of potential clients.

However, before you consider this option, make sure that your product sells well in other retailers, that your product fits the demographic of the customers at these airports and that you have some cash to spend! And don’t forget, you might have to apply for licenses, etc. because it is at an airport. Hey, if it was easy, everybody would do it! But it’s a great option for certain types of products.

By the way, they have extensive information about demographics at airports available to the public because it is at a public facility. It is very important that you <a href="research everything about the airport before spending a dime on Kiosks. But it is a very cool option that most people don’t think about.

Anyhow, selling to airport stores can be a great option for product businesses. It should definitely be considered as a distribution channel if it makes sense for your product type!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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