Should I Create My Product Packaging in the US or Overseas? This is always a huge question you need to figure out when developing your product packaging. Here are some things to think about when beginning your process that will quickly indicate where you should have your packaging manufactured.

1. Where is your product (the thing that’ll go in your packaging) being manufactured? If the answer is overseas, then having your product be packaged in the same area and shipped already in it’s final packaging could be your answer.

2. If your product is manufactured overseas, but is not assembled till it reaches you, then having packaging manufactured locally (at your distributor/assembler/fulfillment house) may be the answer.

3. If your packaging cannot ship flat ie there is thick Styrofoam and your shipping costs will outweigh your other costs, then domestic (manufacturing in your own country) may be the answer (unless the protection is required to be there of course).

4. If cost is your only driver and that comparison is key. Contact a shipping agent (an overseas freight company (with boats)) and ask them what the cost to “land” a shipping container or size approximately what you’ll need to ship will cost, then add that to the cost you will need to pay additionally to be made locally. Occasionally the shipping costs of cheap international packaging will be so much more that manufacturing domestically will be both cheaper and more effective. The main factors here are volume of product (both in numbers and sheer size), weight, and obviously price (fuel prices can factor in too).

5. Time frame can be key as well, do you need your packaging in the next week? Then boat freight (2 weeks China to the West coast of the U.S.A.) and a lead time may not be beneficial. On the other hand, if you product has a fold flat shipping box and doesn’t ship for another 6 months (plenty of time to package) then maybe the overseas route works for you.

In conclusion here are the questions that you’ll need to ask, to figure out where you should manufacture your shipping materials

1. Where is your product manufactured?

2. Where is your product assembled?

3. Where will your product need to be placed in the packaging (location)?

4. Can your packaging materials be shipped efficiently for a low price?

5. Does shipping your packaging to you overseas via air or water fit your timeline, or do you need it to be local?

Answering these questions should give you a pretty good idea of where you should search for the right packaging for your product. Be sure to search out at least 3 quotes domestically and internationally for a better picture of what your costs will come out at.

Happy Packaging

Guest Blogger: Fred Schechter

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