Looking for a speaker who successfully motivates Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Crafts Professionals to achieve their dreams? Invite Karen to speak at your special event!

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Check out what people are saying:

“Wow…Where Did You Find Her?”

“You did an amazing job! Many attendees told me that they thought your talk was very informative. They said things like, ‘wow, she was great, where did you find her’ and ‘this has been a very informative meeting, Karen was fantastic…”

-Andrew Krauss, President, Inventors Alliance Educating Inventors Since 1993

“…A Wonder To Listen To.”

“Karen is a wonder to listen to. Her informative style and enthusiasm was a sheer delight to be a part of…The information she supplied saved me time, money and confusion… I applied just one of her suggestions and had a new idea of how my product would fit on the shelf in a large retail chain. Thanks Karen! Your information is priceless…”

-Pat Horacek, CEO of Cypress Sports Applications

“…You Inspired (Our Veteran Inventor) So Much…”

“Your presentation was informative and gave us a wealth of information. In fact, one of our Veteran Inventors said that you inspired him so much that he is now going to approach the big box stores!”

-Ed Silva, Inventor’s Alliance Sacramento Chapter