Do you have a product that is perfect for TJ Maxx?

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a product into their stores? If so, you will love this short training segment on how to sell your product to TJ Maxx!

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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer such as TJ Maxx. Hope it helps! 🙂

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman
Retail MBA

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Transcript of This Training…


How to Sell a Product to TJ Maxx and Become a TJX Vendor

Hey everyone. My name is Karen Waksman and I’m the founder of a company called Retail MBA. And today I want to talk about a question that comes up all of the time in my workshops and classes. People always ask me “Karen, how do I get my products into TJ Maxx? I have this great product and I think it would be perfect for TJ Maxx. I mean do you have any suggestions and so forth?” That’s what we’re going to be covering today. I just want to give you some strategies and things to consider in regards to going after a retailer like TJ Maxx.

What can I say to you about TJ Maxx? Well it’s a massive retailer, you can buy huge volumes of your products so I completely understand why you want to sell to them. But one misconception that I noticed across the board when I’m dealing with teaching people across the globe is that people always assume that TJ Maxx only buys one-off deals, they only buy products excess goods and so forth, and that’s the only thing they purchase, and that’s not true. TJ Maxx buys new products. TJ Maxx always looking for interesting stuff to put into their stores. They are looking for great deals, high quality, branded products, all sorts of things. If you have a product that is great for like department stores, or if you go to TJ Maxx website, you take a look for categories and they sell products that weren’t yours. You should definitely go after them because they are not just dealing with one-off deals and so forth. A lot of people really think about them as someone who just buys these mass excess product and stuff like that, just continued items and everything, it’s not true. They really do look for new products as well, they have to fill their stores, they can’t always find those magical deal. They are looking for all sorts of new products. So if you think your product would be good for them, I would definitely go for it.

Anyways, I hope that provided value for you. Again, this is Karen Waksman with Retail MBA. Please be on the lookout for additional retail videos that I create. And if you’d like to learn exactly how to approach, pitch, and sell your products to retailers such as TJ Maxx, please take a look at the link below. I have Retail MBA Training Program that’s powerful and walking through exactly how to do that and how to get started today. Thanks so much.