Developing quality design for packaging can be frustrating for some product entrepreneurs. Especially since packaging is so essential to your success when selling to retailers. That is why we have decided to outline the top 10 blogs that packaging designers use to look for their own inspiration:

1. The Dieline: A quality blog that helps with great packaging ideas.

2. HOW Design Blog: This is a longstanding graphic design magazine. Great information!

3. DesignBoom: A little over the top with all of the pictures, but the packaging design stuff is great.

4. Dexigner: A European blog (there are a bunch of great ones) focus on the packaging design and graphic design areas. Great content!

5. Packaging Designer: The name kind of says it all here. It’s a great industry hub.

6. Designer Daily: A great one to put in your brain! The how-to’s are great too.

7. Lovely Package: All about packaging. Great finds here daily.

8. Core77: A blog that deals more with product design, but returns to important packaging design themes often. A great place to find designers as well.

9. Coudal Partners: has an amazing link to a bunch of museums and much more.

10. BrandNew: has a great focus on logo work.

If you like any of the blogs listed above, we HIGHLY recommend adding their RSS feed to your feed reader. An RSS Feed is like subscribing to a magazine. It enables you to receive all of their great content without having to search for the information on a one off basis.

A good example is if you have a gmail account, go to once you’ve logged into your gmail account. Then go to the site you want to subscribe to and find the “RSS” icon, that means, typically the orange square with three little white concentric arcs in it. Click on it, and if it doesn’t prompt you to select google reader (or your RSS reader of choice), then you can right click on the icon, copy the link, then, paste it into Google Reader at the top left where it says “Add” then, bang! It’ll just publish straight to your google reader every time they write something new!

You can even make a folder in Google Reader just for packaging! That way, if you don’t want to read about packaging for a while, you can get access to all of that great information in one place!!

Bonus design thinking blogs

37Signals: I’ll just warn you, these humans are actually brilliant. Their products are too.

PSFK: Highly recommend their RSS feed, as the website can be a bit of a firehose (over-stimulating).

Smashing Magazine: Wow!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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