There are certain product types that deal with a tremendous amount of competition in the retail marketplace. It’s a fact that is commonly not addressed in our industry for some reason. Products such as Toys, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry, Cosmetics, etc. seem to have an overwhelming supply that makes it tough for product entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves from their competition. And retail buyers are inundated with suppliers contacting them about these products. Therefore getting traction in the retail space for certain products can be incredibly frustrating.

So what do you do when your product falls into one of these categories? Should you give up? NO WAY!

As a Sales Professional, I’m constantly having to deal with this issue. And truly competition doesn’t scares me. Why? Because I know that I can uniquely position MOST products to make them more interesting to buyers. It usually takes some serious effort, research and brainpower, but when dealing with competition you have to get creative.

If you’d like to learn more about one of my techniques I use to uniquely position a product, please click here to read the article that I wrote about the subject for!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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